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A little bit About Me

With a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. degree in communication design, my education helped me develop creative thinking while also giving me the technical tools to express it in the ways modern communication requires and a keen eye on detail and pixel perfect designs. Practical experience was always the main learning tool, with a great number of university projects and a six-month period in an international university through the Erasmus Programme.

My main focus is the design of the User Experience and Interface of apps and websites, with experience also in motion graphics and editorial design. Thanks to a two-year experience in a digital company I had the opportunity to apply what I studied in a real life, agile working environment, dealing with the requests of the market and with international clients and refining my deadline meeting and team working skills.

More recently, with video games as a linking bridge with my previous experience, the study of game design, in both the aspects of communication and game mechanics, culminated in the realization of a fully playable urban game as my Master final project.