HIGH MOON is a shooting game. Land with your fellow gunslinger on a distant moon which… AIN’T BIG ENOUGH FOR BOTH OF YOU! Enter a (small!) future-western, procedurally generated 3D world in this action-packed game of guns and duels and shoot your opponent in a 1 vs 1 split-screen game of cowboys in deep space, but beware: your shots will follow realistic trajectories on a small, round planet and you might hit yourself!

Keep your gun ready, ‘cause HIGH MOON IS COMING!



  • Shooting game
  • Split-screen 1 vs 1 game
  • Playable with keyboard and/or with gamepads
  • A 3D procedurally generated world
  • Original soundtrack
  • Deep space meets the Wild West
Game developed in 72 hours | 38 Ludum Dare, 2017
[ theme: A SMALL WORLD ]

Behind the Scene

Made with Unity