RAYCE is a collaborative game of colors… at the speed of light! Each player controls one of three rays of light of a unique primary color (cyan, yellow and magenta), and has to unlock the energy gates corresponding to its color. But that’s where collaboration kicks in: energy gates of composed colors (orange, green, purple and white) appear, and the players have to merge their rays to unlock them!

Experience diffraction in this unique game of light, fast pace and collaborative intuition!



  • Three players collaborative game
  • An endless, procedurally-generated run
  • A neon world at the speed of light
  • Easy access: color-coding is also shape-coding
  • Fluid animations
  • Unique soundtrack
Game developed in 48 hours | GGJ17
[ theme: WAVES ]


The secondary constraints we chose to work into our game to add a little more fun and challenge to the jam weekend.
  • The colour and the shape:
    A colour-based game that can also be played by people who have any kind of difficulty seeing colour.
  • Lost library card:
    All sound sources are recorded or synthesised during the jam.
  • To me, to you:
    The game must have a single playable character that is controlled by two players.